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Friday 8th June 2018. Brainchild of serial entrepreneur, Ms Gemma Manning, Founder and CEO of Manning and Co (M&C) and Gemstar, together with Associate
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The partnership sees Gemstar and Kaplan join together to launch a uniquely co-curated programme with the purpose to harness and nurture Singapore’s future entrepreneurial talent, while creating real future pathways  for the students either in their own businesses or taking their new skills into other organisations as part of the growing push for intrapreneur talent.

The Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, will offer students the ability to explore the world of entrepreneurship, to understand their passion and purpose, as well as learn how to turn a business idea into a commercial reality locally but also with the global stage in mind.

Students will be guided through the programme with real-world entrepreneur-mentors, including Gemma, to understand the rigour involved in running a business, as well as to gain real-world insights to what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Students will also get an accelerated kick start through Gemstar’s Innovation Centre of Excellence in Singapore as well as access to extensive industry connections and opportunities in ANZ and ASEAN.

Gemma’s commitment to entrepreneurship and devotion and passion to mentoring youths, especially young women, also caught the attention of Mr Richard Branson in 2016 and she was one of 28 entrepreneurs invited to his Necker Island for collaborative brainstorming. Gemma’s own experiences and wide industry connections through Gemstar, a launch-pad for Australian start-ups and innovators, have collectively contributed to the uniquely curated curriculum through this partnership.

This announcement of partnership is timely as only today Gemma was awarded Australian Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Australia Chamber of Commerce Singapore. She was also publicly recognised by Prime Minster Lee himself during the ASEAN summit earlier this year in Sydney for her companies’ efforts in supporting the Australian and Singapore comprehensive partnership.

Ms Manning says, “Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint hearted. And growing a business internationally into new markets requires even more commitment, patience, belief, resilience and hard work.

I’m looking forward to bringing my entrepreneurial experiences and insights to Singapore’s young aspiring entrepreneurs, working directly with them to nurture and grow their innovative business ideas locally as well as on a global stage. Entrepreneurship is deeply rewarding but also challenging and having the right mentors and support networks is a critical part of success. We aim to bring this to young Singaporeans.”

Associate Professor Johnson further comments, “We’re very excited to have worked with Gemstar (through this partnership), and for Gemma to have led the co-development of the curriculum. Given her extensive work with youths and her passion for empowering them in different ways, Gemma’s insights have added significant value to the real-world learning students can expect of this very special and unique programme.

Gemma is also a member of the Kaplan Industry Advisory Board which has lent weight and led to other curriculum improvements, making the content more current and relevant to industry. Entrepreneurship and Innovation are key pillars of the Industry Transformation Maps, driving Singapore’s next 50 years of prosperity, and Kaplan is taking the lead with Gemstar in distilling the industry acumen of successful entrepreneurs into courses with a difference.

We look forward to a continued and fruitful partnership with Gemma and Gemstar, focusing on youth development.”

About Gemstar ( Gemstar is a Singapore-based launch-pad that connects the very best technologies with investors, partners and professional networks across the South-East Asia region. Gemstar’s vision is to unearth Australian and Singaporean talent and bring innovative products to market locally, regionally and globally. Gemstar’s presence expands Singapore, Perth, Sydney and Vietnam with plans to open in India.

About Manning & Co. ( Manning & Co. is a full-service strategic marketing consultancy with extensive experience across a diverse range of sectors, from B2Bs to start-ups to not-for-profits. Manning & Co. integrates brand, PR, design and media management to fast-track results and grow businesses in Australia and ASEAN. M&C has offices in Sydney, Perth and Singapore.

About Kaplan Singapore ( Established as one of the most respected in Southeast Asia, Kaplan is also Singapore’s most awarded private education provider with 9 awards, making it the “Best Private Education Institution” and the “Best Corporate Training Provider” by Jobs Central Learning Training and Education Development (T.E.D.) Awards 2017 amongst other accolades received.

To date, Kaplan has students from over 35 countries worldwide, served over 65,000 graduates and awarded over 225,000 professional certificates. With over 550 academic programmes for higher learning, and professional certifications and training courses available for skills development, Kaplan provides opportunities for individuals to pursue lifelong learning.

For media inquiries, please contact: Victor Tan at Gemstar Technology. +65 6532 1098 or Victor@gemstar.globalGemstar Technology is located at Level 2, 88 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058716.

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Gemma Manning
Founder, strategic marketer, educator and author of ‘About This Girl’.

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