business matching

Business matching

Getting you in front of the right people

Strategic introductions are vital to success when it comes to expanding into new markets. Having the right business matching and connections help accelerating your market entry approach and knowing where to start in meeting the right people is key.

Gemstar has an extensive partner network in ASEAN with over 60 engaged partners. With our on-the-ground presence and our established brand reputation and network, we connect our clients to the right people and fast-track targeted introductions to give our clients the best chance of success in their new market.  

Setting up appointments and meetings and the initial pitch may take time. Sometimes, meetings can be arranged immediately; other times, a follow-up process may be involved. We aim to arrange for 1-1 meetings as well as get you in front of people at other events we might hold virtually (or in person, eventually) throughout the year, i.e. showcases, networking events etc. 

business matching


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