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Market entry

Entering Asia the right way

Market Entry Services | Gemstar Business Expansion Partner

We are experts at building strategic and effective marketing strategies that accelerate growth, including growth into Asia. Having assisted more than 150 companies over the last 13 years in major international markets including Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the US and UK, Gemstar’s experienced team (through sister company Manning & Co) works side by side with you to ensure your strategy is right from the start.

With sustainable growth in mind, Gemstar works with you to develop a strategic market entry plan into Asia that will help you kick off your market expansion. Our approach has three phases:  


Market-readiness assessment

Our market-readiness diagnostic and health check gauges if you are ready for market entry and expansion to begin with. We will assess if there is an opportunity and if you have a suitable market-ready product/service.

Gemstar Asia-readiness health check

Take this five-minute health check to get a sense if you and your business are ready to enter Asia.


Market entry and expansion recommendations

Following a market-readiness assessment and after getting to know your business better, we will map out the recommended market entry approach and how to navigate the initial phases.


Market entry program development

We next develop a customised 12-month go-to-market plan linked to clear goals and objectives, tactics, and activities, as well as a list of targeted people to meet. We can help you execute this program, or it can be something that your team executes with our support and guidance.


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