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Why work with us?

We’re a company that cares deeply. We care about the work we do, the clients we serve and above all, the people who work with us. We are a family with an outstanding team spirit that stretches across the different geographies we are in — from Australia to Indonesia to Singapore and beyond.

We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace for everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, religion, belief, or non-belief. Inclusion for Gemstar isn’t just a part of our internal culture. As a brand, we actively promote a more inclusive and kind world in all the communities we work with — from corporates to start-ups and entrepreneurs.

We’re always on the lookout for talent to join our growing team. We seek people aligned with our values and who want to do remarkable work, yet are not afraid of hard work. If you are seeking a stimulating, challenging and diverse career full of growth, one that can take you places, come explore opportunities with us! We’d love to chat.

Our perks

At Gemstar, we understand that perks are more than just extra benefits. They are a way to show appreciation for our employees’ hard work and dedication and to create a positive work culture that attracts and retains top talent.

Birthdays and anniversaries

At Gemstar, we believe in celebrating our employees’ milestones and achievements. That’s why we offer a birthday and anniversary perk to recognize and appreciate our employees’ loyalty and dedication to our organisation.

Inclusive and diverse environment

We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment that celebrates and respects the unique backgrounds and perspectives of all our employees.

Health and wellbeing

We understand that a healthy workforce is a productive one, so we offer wellness programs that promote physical, mental, and emotional health.

Employee recognition initiatives

Our employee recognition perks include Employee of the Quarter, spot bonuses, peer recognition, anniversary awards, and personalized rewards, fostering a culture of appreciation and engagement.

Regular meet-ups

Our regular meet-up perks include team building activities, lunch and learn sessions, town hall meetings, performance reviews, and social events, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

Annual team day

Our annual team day perk includes interactive team-building activities, group outings, and games that promote communication, trust, and teamwork, fostering a refreshed and energised workforce.

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