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In market representation

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As part of the successful expansion in market representation, having trusted partners on the ground is essential. Without trusted partners, the process of expansion can be very costly and eat into financial and human resources. This is where a lot of businesses get it wrong.

First impressions are everything. We help companies come into the region via our established presence via our Innovation Centres of Excellence – one in Singapore and one in Perth. In Asia, it is particularly important to show that you have a market presence from the start as part of giving the right first impression and to demonstrate that you are dedicated to building that presence in the region with Gemstar as a reputable, respected and recognised partner.

Gemstar Innovation Centres of Excellence

Level 4, 11 New Bridge Road, Singapore
+65 8644 4496

36 Pier Street, Perth WA 6000
+61 (08) 6381 9110


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