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Gemstar shines a light on unearthed and polished gems

Our story

Gemstar is not a big 4 or a co-working space - we are a whole lot more!

With operations across Australia, and with our flagship Innovation Centres of Excellence in Singapore and Perth, Gemstar is the perfect ‘landing pad’ and market growth partner for any business wanting to expand with the region in mind.

Founded by Gemma Manning, a serial Entrepreneur, Gemma had the idea for Gemstar when she was launching a management consultancy in ASEAN through her marketing company. As she embarked on her own business expansion journey, she always says that she wishes there was a partner like Gemstar to have helped along the way. Providing end-to-end market access and commercialisation services, Gemstar is the shining light for many companies and entrepreneurs alike.

We’re a highly personalised business growth partner, that is accessible, inclusive and is for everyone. Since inception in 2013, Gemstar has become the go-to market access and growth partner for budding talent, start-ups and scale-up companies wanting to accelerate international expansion into ASEAN and Australia confidently and at low-risk

Our results-driven approach is underpinned by a philosophy of nurture and care as there are many smiling tigers out there!

Why us

We have been recognised for our work over the last few years at the very highest levels including by Singapore’s Prime Minister, Mr Lee. This should say something about the kind of company we keep. Our results-driven approach is underpinned by a philosophy of nurture and care, as there are many smiling tigers out there when expanding into new territories!


We are experienced business people, managers and entrepreneurs. We’ve built companies from scratch and helped big companies expand into new regions – we know what it takes.

End-to-end services

We bring you insights and experience in the areas that matter most – strategic marketing, finance and commercialisation, business development and growth strategies.


We have an extensive global network of people that we tap into that assists our clients domestically and internationally.


We bring our extensive experience in the Australian and Asian markets to the table, giving firms an immediate expertise, proficiency and relationships not found elsewhere.

Trusted advice

We provide a platform for key stakeholders to easily collaborate and pursue research and commercial opportunities.


We connect you to the right partners at the right level, creating the tailored opportunities you need to expand and reducing wasted time and effort in doing so.

Our 'G' philosophy

We’re game changers

We like to give!

We’ve growth mindset

We galvanise

We're generators

You gain

The company we keep

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