Pitch Practice Makes Pitch Perfect – Tell Your Story

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Gemma Manning

Be inspired by some incredible stories and learn the tricks of great storytelling.


About this masterclass

This Masterclass will help you understand the key fundamentals of building a brand narrative. It will cover two main aspects:

1. Why is Storytelling so Important?
There’s nothing quite like storytelling to change people’s perceptions of a brand, and to ensure they feel connected to a sense of purpose and meaning in everything they do. The more connected people are to something, the more they will want to engage with that brand — buy from it, partner with it, and so on.

Storytelling is all about winning hearts and minds. There are four key areas that are crucial when it come to effective storytelling in business. We will reveal all in this masterclass.

2. Storytelling is Your Most Powerful Tool
Business owners and leaders have a million jobs to do but telling the story of their idea or product is the most crucial to their longterm success.

Storytelling is a critical part of building a brand. Too often the focus is on the small details of new features or technologies. This information can be valid; however, it is rarely easy or engaging to follow. Without a clear sense of purpose, pitches can quickly become boring, uninspiring and forgettable.

The Why

What does storytelling have to do with entrepreneurship? In this masterclass, we introduce you to the art of storytelling and its role in entrepreneurship, through the stories of real entrepreneurs.


  • Understand the link between entrepreneurship and storytelling
  • Understand the different types of storytelling
  • Think about what kind of storyteller you will be in your business
  • Develop a storytelling plan
  • Articulate your vision and approach clearly, confidently and concisely


Our masterclasses are delivered by a team of experts. All facilitators have extensive real-world experience and an intimate understanding of the issues and challenges you face every day. In addition to their practical experience, our facilitators are skilled instructors. They create an inclusive learning environment, where participants can freely exchange ideas and learn from their peers. Each facilitator brings their individual style and energy to the task of engaging students, to equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Masterclass details

Date & Time :

This Masterclass will be conducted online, and will be offered in June, July and August 2021.

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Gemstar Perth Level 1, 36 Pier St, Perth 6000 & Level 4, 11 New Bridge Road, Singapore

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Entrepreneurs who make a difference are, in effect, professional storytellers. We would be nothing without our story

Sir Richard Branson