Market Validation

Intructor :

Gemma Manning

Learn how to validate your business idea, so your product better meets your customer’s needs.


About this masterclass

This Masterclass will help you understand the key fundamentals of market validation, including market validation techniques that are relevant for today’s business world. It will cover two main aspects:

1. What is Market Validation?
Market validation is the process of determining if there is a need for your product or service in your identified target market. Validating your business idea can enable you to reasonably predict whether people will buy your product or service, and whether your business will be profitable in the long term.

2. Why Market Validation is Important
For anyone seeking funding for a new product idea, investors require evidence of market validations before agreeing to fund the idea. Beyond its ability to help entrepreneurs secure resources to bring their product concept to reality, market validation is an inexpensive way to uncover problems with your product idea.

The Why

It is vital to validate your idea early so that you do not waste time and resources creating a product that is not a good fit. Securing market validation can also instil confidence in investors, including those acquired via crowdfunding, and banks that are considering funding your start-up. In this Masterclass, you will acquire tools and information to help you create an offering that not only addresses your market segment’s needs, but also earns you your first paying customers.


  • Build a strong customer-led mindset
  • Recognise what motivates customers
  • Identify your key target market
  • Realise what sets your product apart from others
  • Understand the importance of failing fast
  • Establish your value proposition
  • Earn trust and build relationships


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Masterclass details

Date & Time :

This Masterclass will be conducted online, and will be offered in June, July and August 2021.

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Gemstar Perth Level 1, 36 Pier St, Perth 6000 & Level 4, 11 New Bridge Road, Singapore

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This Masterclass challenged my ideas and concepts to be customer-focused, and grounded in real-world problems.

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Murdoch University, WA